Part 1

CAL Security Enterprises, Inc.

Read complete instructions thoroughly before drilling and installing any parts of the CAL “Double-Bolt” locking system.

The Latch for this system is designed for use in standard door frames ( jamb). Check door jamb sizing by referring to Selection 1 – “Checking the Latch”. If latch supplied with this system does not fit your particular door jamb, do not attempt to install. Call the CAL Help-Line for further information: 1 (877) HELP-004.

Selection 1

1.1      “Checking the Latch”

The Latch is the most important component to the CAL “Double-Bolt” system. Before you install any part of the system to your door jamb or door, make sure the latch correctly fits your particular door jamb depth. The latch must fit perfectly in the door jamb in relationship to the height of the latch and the door jamb. There are two (2) common depths for the door jambs in sliding doors. (5/8 or 1-¼) The latch provided in this system is designed for standard 5/8 door jamb depth. The system also includes two (2) spacers to increase the height of the lath up to ¾.

Check the depth of door jamb by inserting latch into the door jamb. The flat drilled section of the latch should fit flat to the back of the door jamb. The leading edge of the latch must overlap the interior wall of the door jamb frame. If the door jamb is slightly deeper than the height of the latch, place spacers on back of latch and re-check depth. If the depth of the door jamb is 1-¼” call the CAL Help Line 1 (877) HELP-004. An operator will assist you in checking your door jamb depth and determinate the correct latch you need. CAL will immediately ship you a replacement latch at no cost to you.

Installing the “LATCH”

2.1      Open Sliding Door 
If the sliding door has an existing tock, open lock and slide door to fully opened position.

2.2      Position Latch
The latch should be installed above the existing lock. Where small children are present, consider a position approximately half the distance between the existing door and the height of the sliding door.

2.3      Install Latch
Place latch inside the doorjamb(Figure-A). Make sure latch correctly, fits doorjamb. (See – “Checking the latch”). If the latch requires spacers for additional height, please latch over indentation in spacer and check height. If second spacers are needed, stack second space to back of stack with raises guides fitting first spacer cavities. Check height for final fit.
Before final latch installation, it may be necessary to remove any insulation preventing the latch from fitting snuggles against inside edge.
Remove only enough insulation necessary to install latch correctly if needed.
Hold latch firmly in position and mark holes (Figure-B). Remove latch and drill 1/8” Pilot holes. (Figure-C). Add spacer as needed to latch and place over pilot holes. Install latch with 1-½ screws supplied with hardware wit.

2.4      Close Door (Figure-D).
If the door does not close correctly over the latch, do not force.
Forcing the door over the latch may cause damage to your door and latch.
Check that latch us seated as close to the side if frame as possible. If the latch is not correctly positioned, try bending latch bolt receptor away from the door by applying pressure on landing edge and bending away. (Figure-E). Do not bend too far, as this will affect the operation of installed lock assembly.


Installing the CAL Double-Bolt Lock Assembly

3.1      Close Door 
See 2.4 Close Door

3.2      Position the Lock Assembly
Open the top and bottom sliding bolts. Position the lock so that the lock sliding pins will correctly slide into the latch. Center the lock so a small space above, below and to the side of the latch is equally distant. (Figure-F).

3.3      Close Lock
Close lock into position by sliding top and bottom sliding bolts into latch. Re-Center lock if necessary to final position. Lock assembly should not touch latch.

3.4      Install Lock Assembly
Locate 4 holes in lock assembly. Mark holes with marking pencil. Drill holes with 1/8” drill bit. (Figure-G). Mount lock assembly over holes and install ¾” screws. Test lock by sliding top and bottom locking pins to open and locked positions.
Pin should side freely. If necessary, loosen screws and then reposition lock. Tighten screws

3.5      Install Cover Plate
(If you purchased the optional handle, please proceed to 3.6) To install standard cover plate, position cover plate over lock assembly and push firmly from side-to-side until tabs on either side of cover plate snap into position. (Figure-H).

3.6      Install Handle (Optional).
If you purchased the optional inside handle, in the lock assembly remove the 2 holding screws that are in the center of the lock body.
Position the handle over the lock assembly and install with the 1” flat head screws provided with the handle.

3.7      Install Exterior Handle (Optional).
CAL recommends that the exterior handle not is positioned opposite existing interior lock assembles. Avoid installing screws that might interfere with the operation of the interior lock. To install the exterior handle, position handle to a convenient height. Hold exterior handle firmly and mark holes. Drill 1/8” pilot holes. Install exterior handle with ¾” screws enclosed.

Warranty and Service

4.1      Troubleshooting
If your original lock does not lock correctly, this may be caused by the height of the CAL latch backplate now positioned in your doorjamb.
In order to correct the problem, simply, remove the original door manufactures latch and re-install with washers placed behind the original latch. The washes will provide additional height for your original latch and correct the problem. Due to a variety of original locks from different suppliers, washers are not included with the CAL Double-Bolt locking system. For further information, call the CAL Help-Line at 1-877-HELP-004.

4.2     Warranty
CAL products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. CAL warrants to the original purchaser that the warranty is valid to the CAL Double-Bolt lock system will operate free of manufacturer defects for a period of (5) years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage to finish caused by the effect of weathering, scratching or use of improper lubrication or cleaning. In the event of a claim covered by this warranty is valid to the original purchaser only and excludes product damage from misuse, improper installation and abuse of any kind. The warranty does not cover damage to finish caused by effects of weathering, scratches or use of improper lubrication or cleaning.  In the event of a claim covered by this warranty, the purchaser must provide in writing a description of the problem, a copy of the original purchase receipt along with your name, address and daytime phone number. CAL will replace any defective part, for installation by the original purchaser. CAL will not be liable for labor charges, damages to doors or surfaces or any incidental or consequential damage.
Purchaser accepts responsibility for suitability for installation. For further information, please call the CAL Help-Line at 1-877-HELP-004.

4.3      Service
The CAL lock surface and latch should be cleaned with mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaning agents as this may scratch the lock surface. Dry with soft cloth. Do not allow locking pins to stay wet. Lubricate locking pins with light oil, silicone or lock lubricant.

4.4      CAL Help-Line
You may contact us by phone at: 1-877-HELP-004 or visit our website at www.callocks.com